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Data Retrieved at: March 1, 2024, 4:50 pm

Spot Rates in NZD

Current Gold Spot Price: NZD 3337.8
Current Silver Spot Price: NZD 36.9

Live Price, NZDProduct Name
3594.71Canadian Maple Gold 1 oz Coin
3647.1Buffalo Gold 1 oz Coin
3604.59Austrian Philharmonic Gold 1 oz Coin
3605.69Australian Kangaroo Gold 1 oz Coin
3587.38Great Britain Britannia King Charles Gold 1 oz Coin
3530.58Pamp Suisse Fortuna Gold 1 oz Bar with Assay Certificate
11415.64Pamp Suisse Cast Gold 100 g Bar with Assay Certificate
5739.18Pamp Suisse Cast Gold 50 g Bar
323.47Pamp Suisse Fortuna Gold 2.5 g Bar with Assay Certificate
123.86Pamp Suisse Fortuna Gold 1 g Bar
3578.22Perth Mint Gold 1 oz Bar with Assay Certificate
11432.13Perth Mint Gold 100 g Bar
2313.47Perth Mint Gold 20 g Bar
604.39Perth Mint Gold 5 g Bar
113693.77Royal Canadian Mint Gold 1 kg Bar
114423.5ABC Gold 1 kg Bar with Assay Certificate
57284.95ABC Gold 500 g Bar
11527.66ABC Gold 100 g Bar
5801.57ABC Gold 50 g Bar
3609.5ABC Gold 1oz Bar
7194.87ABC Gold 2oz Bar
3650.1ABC Minted Gold 1 oz Bar
35666.27ABC Gold 10 oz Bar
4368.83ABC Bullion Tael Cast Bar Gold 37.5 g Bar
171.03ABC Minted Gold 1 g Bar
669.37ABC Minted Gold 5 g Bar
2777.48ABC Gold [20 x 1] 20 g Bar
6203.83ABC Gold [50 x 1] 50 g Bar
113927.09Ainslie Gold 1 kg Bar
3551.73Ainslie Gold 1 oz Bar
49.3Canadian Maple Silver 1 oz Coin
47.6Buffalo w/out date Silver 1 oz Round
48.17Austrian Philharmonic Silver 1 oz Coin
48.21Australian Kangaroo Silver 1 oz Coin
49.11Great Britain Britannia King Charles Silver 1 oz Coin
59.53American Eagle Silver 1 oz Coin
49.11South African Krugerrand Silver 1 oz Coin
140.51ABC Silver 100 oz Bar
1513.69ABC Silver 1 kg Bar with Assay Certificate
795.86ABC Silver 500 g Bar
505.92ABC Silver 10oz Bar
1445.85Ainslie Silver 1 kg Bar
49.21Ainslie Minted Silver 1 oz Bar

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